Booty Type Training – New At-home Butt Shaping System Review


An URGENT message for any woman…Breakthrough Research From Victoria University In New Zealand Uncovers A 2,200 Year Old Secret Called The “Greek Goddess Ratio”……Which Any Woman Can Use To Sculpt A Firmer, Rounder, Lifted Booty In As Little As 14 Days! Plus, On This Page, I’ll Show You A Process Called “Booty Type Training” Proven To Eliminate…

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An URGENT message for any woman…

Breakthrough Research From Victoria University In New Zealand Uncovers A 2,200 Year Old Secret Called The

Greek Goddess Ratio

…Which Any Woman Can Use To Sculpt A Firmer, Rounder, Lifted Booty In As Little As 14 Days!

Plus, On This Page, I’ll Show You A Process Called “Booty Type Training” Proven To Eliminate Cellulite, Tighten Up Your Hips, Legs & Belly, And Sculpt The Butt You’ve Always Wanted.

Read On To Discover What Personal Trainers, Scientists & Doctors Are Calling,

The Perfect Body Formula For Women…

If you’re worried about cellulite, sagging skin or stubborn body fat on your hips, thighs and especially your butt…

…then this might be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why…

On this page, I’m going to show you a revolutionary scientific breakthrough from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand…

…which contains the KEY for any women to start eliminating cellulite and shaping their butt in as little as 14 days. 

All WITHOUT any crazy juice cleanses, low calorie diets, expensive supplements or long workouts.

It all comes down to something called the “Greek Goddess Ratio”… 

… Which produces remarkable female physique transformations with just three 10-minute workouts per week.

This will work for you whether you’re a size zero and you want to add inches to your pancake butt and develop more natural curves…

… Or if you’d like to burn a significant amount of fat around your hips, legs, belly and butt, so you can drop a dress size or two and look 10 years younger.

And the best part is, you’ll get these results with short, easy and FUN bodyweight workouts from the comfort of your own home. Zero equipment needed.

Now, I know that’s a big promise, but as you’ll see on this page, everything I tell you is backed up by mountains of peer-reviewed, evidence-based medical research studies, so you can have confidence that everything I say is backed up by science.

And that’s so exciting, because…

Thousands Of Women From All Around The World Have Used The “Greek Goddess Ratio” To Dramatically Start Transforming Their Physique In As Little As 14 Days!?

My name is Stephanie and over the years, I’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of women to transform their body, backsides, and lives using my unique methods.

But it wasn’t always that way.

It feels like just yesterday that I would only have sex with the lights off…

… Because I was so embarrassed of the stubborn body fat I’d developed after the birth of my first child.

It wasn’t until my husband snapped an embarrassing photo of me one day at the beach that I realized just how square and saggy my figure had gotten over time…

After that. I became committed to finding a solution…

And that was when I stumbled across the “Greek Goddess Ratio” which had been buried at the bottom of a medical research study.

As soon I discovered this principle, I was able to rapidly transform my physique, lose my pregnancy weight and finally feel sexy again. And after sharing my secret with thousands of women of all different ages, sizes and fitness backgrounds… I know that this secret will work for you as well.

You see, once you understand the “Greek Goddess Ratio”, you’ll be able to:

  • ​​​​Shrink the appearance of ugly, bumpy cellulite across your butt and thighs… even if you’ve struggled with those cottage-cheese-like globs for years…
  • Make your legs look thinner and skinnier… without having to lose an inch of fat…
  • Give your waist a sexy hourglass cinch in the middle… WITHOUT starving yourself or following some silly diet…
  • Add inches of firm, round, and toned muscle to your butt without painful workouts, fat transfers, expensive surgeries, or invasive implants that damage your body and need to be replaced every ten years…
  • Make your man powerless to resist you. Because according to a recent publication in the journal Live Science, when you make this one small change men will become addicted to your figure stronger than any drug…
  • Upgrade every outfit in your closet without spending a dime. Just this tiny tweak to your “booty curve” will make every pair of blue jeans, date-night attire, Summer dresses, even your “lounge around the house” clothes look fitting and fabulous
  • Transform your backside… even if your butt is “flat as a pancake” into a tight and lifted bubble-butt you can bounce quarters off of…
  • And so much more…

All of this is possible, starting from TODAY, once you understand the “Greek Goddess Ratio”.

And this message has never been more important than it is now. You see…

When It Comes To Sculpting Your Butt, Fitness Experts, Dieticians And Even Doctors Have It All Wrong

In order to finally lose the cellulite off your backside, build your butt and finally have the body you wish you saw in the mirror:

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym with a physical trainer

You don’t need to go on some crazy juice cleanse or a hardcore crash diet.

You don’t need to get any type of medical procedure or injection for your cellulite

Most “guru’s” don’t know this stuff. In fact, most of the “experts” are men! What would they know about sculpting the perfect butt, or about helping you get back into your college jeans. 

They’ve never had to try for themselves.

In addition, very few people have actually taken the time to read through all of the peer reviewed medical research on female physique transformation.

For example, let me show you one of the biggest myths out there, which does nothing but add rolls of fat to your legs, hips and butt.

For Women Over 30, Doing Endless Cardio Is The Fastest Way To Flatten Your Booty & Cause Lumpy Cellulite.

Doing the wrong type of exercise, particularly cardio, is the fastest way to flatten your butt and make your cellulite worse. 

Now, I know that’s counter-intuitive, but doesn’t it make sense deep down?

After all, If jogging was the answer to fast, easy and effortless fat loss, then all women would have beautiful, hourglass figures.

But they don’t, because cardio doesn’t work! And the science also backs this up.

In fact, one study published in the “Journal of Sport Nutrition”, researchers found that  found that 12 weeks of 45 minute steady state cardio, had ZERO effect on fat-loss and body composition compared to dieting alone for the same period of time.

Now, you may find that disheartening if you’ve been doing cardio all these years, but don’t worry.

Because right here on this page, I’m going to show you a different way, a better way of shaping your booty, burning stubborn body fat and getting the hourglass figure you deserve.

It all starts with a key piece of research, and the discovery of the “Greek Goddess Ratio” which is being called…

The Biggest Female Fitness Breakthrough Of The 21st Century!

So let me tell you the fascinating story behind the “Greek Goddess Ratio”.

In 2009, Dr Barnaby Dixson from the College of School of Biological Sciences from Victoria University in New Zealand conducted a groundbreaking study…

Dr Dixson and his team set out to answer a question that had plagued evolutionary psychologists for decades:

“What female body type were men most attracted to?”

To answer this question they took a group of 109 men, who were then brought into a room one at a time.

The participants would be sat down and shown images of women of all shapes and sizes.

Faces, clothes, skin color and all other external factors were standardized in each image so they knew it was a fair experiment. 

Then, the men would rate each image based on which body type they found most attractive.

But here’s what made this experiment even more fascinating:

The men’s eye movements were tracked with infrared cameras so the researchers got an extremely detailed look into the men’s psychology.

So, they conducted the experiment and then began to analyze the data. And…

What The Researchers Discovered Shocked Them To The Core

You may imagine, as most of us have been conditioned to believe by society, that the men would have chosen the skinniest women as the most attractive. 

Or the women with the largest breasts and longest legs.

This was the researchers assumption also. .

However, when the results came back, the team was perplexed.

Initially, the graph looked like this.

Here’s what this chart shows:

The men found three of the body types to be most attractive, but those three types had NOTHING in common. One type was short and skinny. Another very average, and the last was a woman who could only be described as plump. 

There were no patterns between body weight, breast size, leg length, nothing.

In other words, no correlation

Did this mean that there was no perfect female body type? That was the initial finding of the study, but it turned out to be completely WRONG.

Dr Dixson and his team weren’t ready to give up. They analyzed the data one more time, and then it hit them.

It turned out there was one measurement the three leading body types all had in common, and it came from the most unexpected place.

You see, the researchers discovered that…

The Sexiest Women As Proven By Science Aren’t The Skinniest, Or The Prettiest…

… Instead, It’s All About The Waist To Hip Ratio!

Let’s look again at the chart, but this time with a new understanding.

This time, you can see the popular body types are in blue, while the unpopular body types are in orange. 

The body types shown in orange all had a waist to hip ratio of 0.9…

… While the popular body types shown in blue all had a waist to hip ratio of 0.7.

Here’s the great news:

While you have zero control over your leg length, body fat displacement or many other factors, 

… You are in COMPLETE CONTROL of your hip to waist ratio, and you can easily get it to the “Greek Goddess Ratio” of 0.7

(If you know what you’re doing)

In other words…

There’s No Need To Lose 20-30 Pounds To Be Attractive. Instead, You Only Need The Right Waist To Hip Ratio….

This Greek Golden Ratio of 0.7 is very significant.

The media has you believing you need a huge bust, skinny butt, perfectly fit into a size 12 dress, be 5’6” and weigh less than 120 lbs all year round.

But science reveals this is a false narrative.

Instead of trying to lose 30 pounds of fat (which is incredibly difficult) you just need to lose a little from your waist, tighten up your butt and let your curves do the rest for you!

Whether you are a size zero or a 16 dress it doesn’t MATTER!

The Key To A Flawless Physique Is A

Waist To Hip Ratio Of 0.7!

Devendra Singh professor of Psychology at the University of Texas did a similar study on this ratio.

He found that Miss America pageant winners and Playboy playmates had this same Golden Ratio of 0.7.

This Golden Ratio doesn’t just work for westerns either…

This experiment was also repeated in a variety of countries and societies that differ in both average body shape and apparent ideals.

And it showed the same results.

A 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio is the pinnacle of female attractiveness.

This is why Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio are so highly regarded as attractive…

…regardless of these women’s height, weight and pants sizes.

The Greek Golden Ratio is the key.

The Women Of Ancient Greece Knew

This Secret 2,217 Years Ago!

At this point, you may be wondering why it’s called the “Greek Goddess Ratio”.

Well, here’s why:

Take a look at this statue.

It was sculpted in Athens, Greece about 2,217 years ago…

… And it’s a statue of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite (also known as Venus in the Roman traditions).

Aphrodite was seen as one of the most powerful of the Greek God’s.

As the Goddess of love, fertility and procreation, she was seen as the role model for young women in the society.

It was taught that her beauty was so great, that she could grip the heart and attention of all men…

… And by this power, she could rule over the entire Kingdom.

To celebrate her, it was common practice to create entire temples dedicated to her, as well as statue’s to celebrate her beauty.

Which brings us back to the statue from Athens.

You may have noticed her butt when I first showed you that picture.

Whether or not it was a conscious effort made by the creator of this sculpture..

Her hip to waist ratio is 0.7 too!

The Goddess who is revered as being the most attractive…

And the Goddess of love and FERTILITY?

This was clearly no accident… 

Subconsciously, the Greeks knew about this ratio thousands of years before our modern science proved it definitively.

You see in Greece…

They Would Do Daily, 10-Minute Calisthenics Known Today As “Booty Type Training”…

The Greeks, both men and women, were obsessed with health and fitness. (After all, it is home to the Olympics)

It was one of the only ancient societies where women would work out. And the body part Greek women cared most about? 

Their butts.

They intuitively understood the Golden Ratio, which is why it appears again and again in their artwork…

… But also in the exercise routines they would follow.

To achieve the Golden Ratio, the women would perform calisthenic movement, like our modern day squats, leg raises and planks (calisthenics were created in Greece too!).

It took us 2,000 years to prove with science what the Ancient Greeks knew about beauty all those years ago.

So, you may be wondering at this point how you can develop this “Greek Goddess Ratio” for yourself.

And I’ll show you in just a moment. First, I want to show you three of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to sculpting their butts, burning fat and building their bodies.The Greeks, both men and women, were obsessed with health and fitness. (After all, it is home to the Olympics)

AVOID These 3 “Greek Goddess Ratio” Killers If You Want A Perfectly Round Booty With No Sign Of Cellulite…

Switches OFF Your Glute Muscles Increasing Cellulite And Keeping Your Butt Flabby Year After Year…

Most of us, are sitting ALL DAY LONG.

And this is one of the worst things for your glute muscles. Your butt ends up becoming deactivated and weakened from underuse.

The musculature around your butt gradually decreases, your metabolism slows down, and more fat gets deposited on your butt creating more cellulite.

Then because your glutes are weak, your hip flexors, hamstrings and core, tighten to compensate.

This causes your lower back to curl in which causes both back pain and makes your butt look flat and saggy.

The Greek Golden Ratio Solution:

The solution to “Dead Butt Syndrome” is very simple: We need to reactivate your glutes and switch these muscles back on.

Simply use a series of exercises which is designed for your specific booty type (I’ll show you how to figure out your booty type in just a second).

After using these exercises for 14 days your butt will be perfectly sculpted while patching up cellulite.

You Think You Need An Expensive Gym Membership Or Lots Of Equipment In Order To Exercise

67% of people with a gym membership never use it.

Gyms can be very intimidating, especially for women who are self conscious. Which is why I don’t blame anyone who has a gym membership but doesn’t use it.

First, you have to take time out of your busy day (that’s time away from your husband and children) to drive to the gym while fighting traffic and get changed before finally starting your workout.

Then you have to push yourself through a workout that bores you to tears before hopping in the shower, driving home fighting traffic again. What a waste of time.

However, there’s GREAT news.

THE SOLUTION: Workout From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

You’re already busy enough trying to balance a career, your children, running a household and still finding time for your friends and significant other.

That’s why I’m such a strong believer in exercising from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is an area in your room where you have enough space for a yoga mat.

This means you can workout in the morning before work and then you’re done for the day!

You Think Long-Boring Steady State Cardio Is The Solution To Melting Away Stubborn Menopause Belly Fat

We’ve had years of clueless “fitness experts” telling us that long-boring cardio is the secret.

For women, steady state cardio is NOT the answer

All this cardio does is drive your cortisol levels crazy!

Cortisol is your body’s “stress” hormone. The more cortisol running through your body, the larger your appetite will be and the more weight you’ll gain.


Short 10-minute Workouts Which Put Your Body Into Fat-Burning Mode

Instead of long-boring steady state cardio workouts, you want to do short, intense workouts (these are known as High Intensity Booty Circuits).

These short workouts (bodyweight only, no equipment needed) will boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine, getting rid of your cellulite, shape your butt, legs and slim your waist in no time..

This works because of something called the “afterburn effect”. This is where you don’t just burn calories during exercise, but you burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout!

These Common Female Fitness Mistakes Are The Real Reason You Haven’t Got The Beautiful Butt, Tight Legs & Lean Belly You Truly Deserve

You don’t need another silly diet which does nothing except waste your time. 

Instead, you need a simple solution that…

Takes Just 10 Minutes Per Day

  • If you’re like most women, you don’t have time to go to the gym for an hour each day. Especially when you have young kids and a 9-5 job to manage.

  • Besides, cardio is the worst thing you can do for your physique. Especially when it comes to tightening up your butt, legs and belly.

  • Instead, you need a program which takes just 10 minutes per day, three times per week. (And in a moment, I’ll show you a program which does exactly that)

Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere.

  • No gym membership, or even equipment needed. All you need is a place in your home you feel comfortable working out.

  • Requires only three days per week! (Even the busiest women can fit that into their schedule!)

  • Avoid rebound weight gain! Once you discover your “booty training type” (as I’ll show you in a second) you’ll not just be able to lose the weight, but you’ll keep it off too! This is because your weight loss will be sustainable and manageable ensuring your weight never comes back.  

Rapid Results In As Little As 14 Days

  • When you train for your booty type, you stimulate all three heads of the glute muscles, allowing you to add inches to your butt in just a few weeks (Your husband will notice the results before you do!)

  • That means no more counting calories, ridiculous juice cleanses or impossible-to-follow diets.

  • Causes your belly, hips, thighs and legs to also tighten up giving you that sexy hourglass look.

  • Feel completely comfortable wearing your bikini at the beach and feel totally confident in even your tightest dresses.

  • You’ll feel more confident about your body than you have felt in years!

So What Is This Brand New Booty Hacking 10-Minute Workouts Specifically Designed To Rebalance Your Bodies Beautiful Butt Ratio & Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

Booty Type Training

The World’s First and ONLY

At-Home System To Get Greek Goddess Curves

While Eliminating Cellulite & Getting A Rounder, Firmer, Lifted Booty In As Little As 14 Days…

Here’s the secret: Booty type Training will help you to develop the perfect Greek Goddess Ratio faster than anything else. 

But before I tell you how it works, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever thought about why all women have a unique and distinctive look? 

“Why do some women have a rounder booty, while others look more flat? 

When I first discovered this, I spent the next several days browsing countless anatomy websites and publications just to make sure I was on the right path.

“And when you know your booty type, you can quickly and easily amplify your “Greek Goddess Ratio” while sculpting beautiful, healthy curves.”

“And when you know your booty type, you can quickly and easily amplify your “Greek Goddess Ratio” while sculpting beautiful, healthy curves.”

Now, I have an “O-shape” booty. Which needs a special combination of gentle movements to firm and lift my butt, while adding that little extra curve to the small of my back…

So I used exercises like the clamshell, reverse lunge, the superwoman, and a few more… 

All of which I could do from my own living room. And…

From The First Specific Movement, I Could Feel The Muscles In My Glutes “Turn On.” Like A Switch Was Flipped And My Booty Was Being Worked

In All The Right Areas

It was like nothing my butt muscles have ever experienced. And I could feel my heart rate go up too. So I knew I was burning fat and sculpting my backside at the exact same time…

I kept this up for weeks. And only used these movements every other day…

Each morning I’d look in the mirror and notice the tiny, little “booty curve” on my backside becoming more prominent

Little by little I started feeling more sexy, confident

And even spent a few extra minutes staring at my shape in the mirror… 

And it was after completely transforming my body and finally burning off all of my pregnancy weight that I knew “Booty Type Training”  had become a special calling for me…​

To Lead Women Out Of The Desert Of Disappointment And Into The Promised Land Where Confidence And Sex Appeal Has No Limits

Where you feel giddy each time you catch a glimpse of your butt in the mirror…

And your outfits look and fit better because your backside has the extra firmness that hugs tightly to the fabric of your favorite jeans, shorts, and dresses…  

Where you get more compliments about your figure from your friends and co-workers daily…

And your man can’t resist keeping his eyes and hands off of you…

Most importantly, you’ll love your body again and be set free from insecurity and worry…

Now you may be thinking… 

“Stephanie, you just have good genetics. I could never see those kind of results”…

Well, that’s what my client Eva said too….

You see, Eva has an “H-shape” booty. And thought she would never have a perky bottom or sexy curves because of her genetic shape…

Yet in FIVE WEEKS she transformed her figure. Here’s an email she sent me…

Hey Stephanie,

So for the past year I’ve been struggling to tone and shape my butt…

I was eating a high protein diet. Going to the gym. Doing squats. Running. You name it, I tried it. Some days I’d even workout in the morning and at night…

But it seemed like the harder I tried the more cellulite popped-up on my butt and the back of my thighs. And my legs were getting blocky with almost no change in my figure… 

Now, this is a little embarrassing…

But it got so bad I would cry in front of my husband before we’d make love and apologize to him for the dimples and sag I had back there…

And when he’d touch my butt all I could think of was how flabby it must have felt to him. It killed my mood to the point I HATED being intimate.

Sure, he told me it didn’t matter and he thought I was beautiful…

But you and I both know in those private moments us women want to feel sexy and confident. I thought I’d NEVER feel that way behind closed doors again…

Because my butt is an “H-shape”, my whole body looked like a box. I’d jokingly say “Spongebob Squarepants” had more curves than me… 

I felt like a victim of a cruel genetic joke…

And implants, injections, and all the other surgery options weren’t a choice for me. I mean, the thought of going under the knife like a tomato on a cutting board scared me to death…

So I was excited to put your methods to the test. And oh my gosh, the difference in my workouts are amazing!

It’s  like I unlocked my backside and finally feel every movement in all the right places…

And in just a few days I could see my figure change in the mirror. Even my cellulite spots were getting smaller…

Fast forward to today and the H-butt I have… which, other websites said would always be flat and square… is now filling out my jeans and looks the best it’s ever looked in yoga pants…

Wearing sexy lingerie in front of my husband used to terrify me but now I love it. It’s like we’ve opened pandora’s box on our love life and I’m more confident than I’ve ever felt…

I’m going to keep following these workouts. 

Although I’ve made a lot of improvements in the firmness of my booty and shape of my figure, I still have a couple more cellulite spots I want to erase and maybe add a tiny bit more roundness to my backside…

I think I’m addicted to these results, haha!

Just want to thank you for sharing your Booty Type Training method with me. 

Oh and I’ve attached a picture if you want to take a look at the difference 🙂

Thanks, Stephanie!



Now, at this point you may be wondering, “okay, so what’s my booty type?”

Well, I’m glad you asked…

Take A Look At The 4 Booty Types Below

And See Which One Fits YOU The Most…

Women with an “H-shape” booty have a higher set of hip bones. Giving your tush a “straight and narrow,” box-like look instead of a curvy one…

Most women think filling-out an H-shape butt is impossible. However, it’s easier than you think…

You see doing hundreds of squats or spending hours on the treadmill DO NOT work for a natural H-shape butt-type.

Most women try this and end up spinning your wheels in frustration when all you need is a small list of simple

“H-Booty Type” movements

And in a minute I’ll give you the exact moves ANY woman can follow regardless of age, to turn an H-shaped booty into an attention-grabber that POPS. Yet first…

If you’re not an H-shape booty you may be this next one…

An “O-Shape” booty naturally stores more fat in the cheeks of your bum… 

Which is good AND bad. Here’s why…

With the right exercises specific to your butt-type you can shape a sexy and toned backside while holding just enough fat to give you a round and perky bubble-butt…

However, because fat is genetically drawn to this area… your booty can become a magnet for cellulite and even create those hard-to-lose “fat rolls” underneath your cheeks…

To prevent this, most women go on an extreme diet and do lots of cardio (just like I did)…

Which shrinks your booty muscles and makes your bum appear flat and saggy while cottage-cheese-like dimples take over…

And you end up less happy with your tush than when you started…

Which is why women with an O-shape booty should stay away from long cardio sessions and intense diets. Instead, you can use a few unique movements specific for your butt-type to enhance your booty shaping results in a fraction of the time.

The “A-Shape” Booty is thin on top with extra roundness at the bottom…

The BIGGEST struggle for women with an A-framed derriere is gravity…

You see, fat naturally stores near the bottom-half of your cheeks making you more likely to lose your perky shape as you age. However, tt doesn’t have to be this way…

Because when you use specific A-booty type movements you can lift your backside almost on command. Burn extra fat at the bottom of your tush. And rock a perky-shaped backside well into your latter years…

A “V-Shape” Booty naturally stores more fat on the top of your bum, making your lower cheeks apear “less full”…

If you have a V-shaped booty you’ll want to do two things…

Burn the fat at the top of your butt (not all of it, just enough to give you that sexy “rounding” under the small of your back)…

While performing exercises to add more muscle to your lower cheeks for a full and round look that fills out the bottom of your panties.

And the right combination of booty movements can do both… so you can enjoy a confident hiney that pops out of your bathing suit or lingerie WITHOUT injections or implants…

Now That You’ve Identified

Your Booty Type… 

I’m excited to give you my secret “booty curve” code so you can break free from status quo fitness and diet advice that’s keeping you trapped with the body you have…

And begin shaping, toning, and lifting your butt, while enhancing this one small curve for the FASTEST and FIRMEST results you’ve experienced, and from the comfort of your own living room with ZERO equipment


Booty Type Training

The World’s First and ONLY

At-Home Curve Shaping System To Lift, Tighten, and Tone Your Backside Using Gentle Movements Specific To Your Booty Type

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Inside The Booty Type Training Program, You’ll Discover:

  • The exact booty type movements custom to your genetic shape and the simple combinations proven to lift, tighten, and strengthen your bum FASTER and better than anything you’ve tried before
  • My “easy as ABC” method to double your fat loss with each Booty Type Workout… I call this my “breath-easy metabolism trick.” Found on page 19
  • Why doing hundreds of squats is the best way to firm up your booty, right? WRONG! They actually make your butt look worse. I’ll show you why on page 24…
  • 3 ways to lift your booty without actually exercising… PLUS: 25 of the BIGGEST butt-shaping lies found in popular women’s magazines (found on pages 29-36)
  • ​The three foods you should NEVER eat that are recommended by almost every diet doctor. Eat these foods and you’re sure to see more cellulite dimples the next day… pages 37-39
  • What to NEVER eat before and after you exercise, and why. (If you get this wrong, you’ll self-sabotage your results)… page 15

  • The #1 BEST time to exercise if you want to target stubborn butt-flab… it’s true! Brand new research from the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows you can laser-target fat areas exercising at this time of day. TIP: You can use this same method to shrink belly or arm fat too. I’ll give you the secret on pages 41-42
  • 1 strange posture trick you can use in seconds to INSTANTLY perk up your bootySwimsuit models use this all the time during photoshoots. It’s on page 23
  • A sneaky way to sculpt your backside while sitting at your office desk or on the couch at home. PLUS: 7 other weird tricks to lift and tighten your bum without anyone else knowing but you… found on pages 51-57
  • My 3 favorite Metabolic Booty Movements proven to shape a flirtatious backside while melting away calories and supercharging your metabolism for all-day fat burning. P.S. these Metabolic Booty Movements work for ALL butt-types…
    found on pages 20-23
  • Have you heard of “butt amnesia?” It’s a new medical term for women who’ve lost nerve function in your glutes and have poor circulation in your legs. This one problem can even cause cellulite I show you how to prevent and fix butt amnesia on pages 52-53
  • My “Forever Bubble Butt” Secret to give your butt a lift that won’t quit regardless of age… page 43

  • The “What’s My Booty Type?” Quiz found in the Booty Type Training Quick Start Guide to help you discover your EXACT Booty Type so you can quickly choose the best workouts and start seeing results right away… If you’re still unsure what your booty type is after taking the quiz, you can email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP!
  • BONUS VIDEO: Give me 2 minutes and I’ll teach you how to speed-up your booty-shaping results using a simple mind-trick that helped me transform my butt and legs. I promise it’s not voodoo. Yet you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your workouts when you do this…
  • The little-known cardio secret for trimming inches of fat off your bum (if that’s your goal)…
    WITHOUT actually “losing” your butt. HINT: It only takes 4-minutes…
  • ​​​How to grow a round and perky booty that hugs tightly against your jeans or fills out your favorite bathing suit WITHOUT your legs becoming bulky… answer on page 11
  • 4 “Better than butt implants” stretches you can do before or after your workout to burn extra calories, shape your bum, and unlock tight glute musclesyou’ll notice the difference almost immediately. I’ll show you these 4 magic stretching on pages 8-10
  • My “Saddlebag Slimmer” secret you can use to shrink any unwanted fat on your outer thighs. Do this 3x per week and you’ll NEVER have to look or feel those soft and bulgy leg pockets ever again! Found on page 26…
  • And so much more!

Here’s What Else You’ll Get Inside The Complete Booty Type Training program:

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Booty Type Training Exercise Video Library

Valued at $79

It’s one thing to know your booty type and what exercises to do. It’s another thing to perform each exercise correctly for the best results

With the Booty Type Training Exercise Video Library you’ll have detailed coaching instructions for each butt-shaping movement

No confusion. And no more wasted workouts performing exercises incorrectly.  

Every workout I get to be right there in the living room with you. Showing you exactly why and how to perform each movement for the “lift” you desire

And I guarantee when you perform the movements in these videos, you’ll FEEL every exercise in all the right areas.

Plus, I’m going to show you one special trick I use to activate every muscle in my booty when exercising. This one stimulation technique gives you that “good booty-burn” every single time.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Booty Type Training Complete Workout Plans

Valued at $47

Inside the Booty Type Training program, you’ll have access to four unique Booty Type Workout Plans. One for each butt type.

Simply choose your butt type and get started!

These workouts are done-for-you. Meaning there’s no guesswork or “figuring it out on your own.”

And they’re CUSTOMIZED exercises using the fastest-working combinations for YOUR booty.

Now, I know you only have one butt-type…

However, you may have friends with a different shape…

So feel free to pass along the other custom Booty Type Workout plans to them. Or… you can keep this secret to yourself.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Booty Type Training Printable Workout Logs

Valued at $17

This is a fabulous way to track your progress and see results you’ll love. Not just in the mirror, but on paper too…

These logs go hand-in-hand with your complete Booty Type Workout programs and can be used with any computer, tablet, or mobile device so you can log your results anywhere, anytime…

And feel motivated and excited as you make progress with every routine…

Now that was everything you’re going to discover inside the Booty Type Training program…

However, I really wanted to sweeten the pot for you and make this a no-brainer. Virtually guaranteeing your success from here on out. Which is why I’ve decided to include these three never before released value-added-bonuses below…

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #1: Cellulite Freedom Guide

Valued at $27 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

The Booty Type Training Workouts will help tone and tighten your legs and erase bumpy cellulite…

And the Cellulite Freedom Guide will give you extra tips and tricks to make even the most stubborn cellulite pockets disappear. Even those trouble-spot areas you’ve had for years.

Inside the Cellulite Freedom Guide you’ll discover:

  • The #1 way to prevent new cellulite bumps from popping up on your skin. I’ll also give you a sneaky trick to make your cellulite disappear for a few hoursfound on page 21
  • The single best method to beat cellulite. Most women make 2 MAJOR MISTAKES that create new cellulite spots. I’ll show you what to avoid on pages 16-18.
  • 14 forbidden foods that practically welcome cottage-cheese-like cellulite to the surface of your skin. And the 6 foods you should eat daily to keep cellulite far, far away. (You can also throw these ingredients into a smoothie for breakfast and even use it as a meal replacement for FAST weight loss all over your body)… 
  • Plus, so much more (this small list does NOT even begin to do the amount of information in this book justice)

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #2: Hollywood Booty Black Book

Valued at $27 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

Now, I’m not a fan of implants… and I don’t recommend spending thousands of dollars on butt-injections like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and other celebrities…

Which look fake anyway and quite frankly are far from healthy…

However, there are a few women in Hollywood who have a tight, toned, and perky booty WITHOUT any surgery, implants, injections or other phony shortcuts…

Beautiful women with bubbly backsides, like Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. And I want to give you their natural secrets…

Inside the Hollywood Booty Black Book you’ll discover:

  • The “roll out of bed” method you can use tomorrow morning to give your backside a Red-carpet Ready Booty for the rest of the day. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but it works. Check it out on page 17.
  • Hollywood’s Big-screen illusion trick actresses use to give them an extra perk in their backside and create a sexy hourglass shape… HINT: it has everything to do with how you stand and sit and will catch any man’s attention from across the room. You’ll see what I mean when you try it in public… 
  • The 7-day Famous Photoshoot Detox… which is a simple routine to help you lose fat around your belly and waistline fast so your backside can pop even MORE

Just promise me you won’t follow this detox any longer than the 7-days, it’s THAT powerful.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #3: Varicose Veins Erased

Valued at $19 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

If you hate those eye-catching, sometimes painful, dark-blue and bulging varicose veins on your legs and calves, this is for you…

Because what’s the point of having sexy, lean legs if varicose veins are robbing you of your confidence to show them off?

With Varicose Veins Erased you’ll minimize, even remove those ugly varicose and spider veins WITHOUT surgery or expensive treatment. And I’ll show you exactly how… 

Inside Varicose Veins Erased you’ll discover:

  • The root cause of varicose veins that’s hiding in your heart… and one simple fix you can use today to begin vaporizing those pesky blue lines!
  • 3 delicious super fruits packed with a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that flow into your varicose veins making them lighter and smaller until one morning you wake up and POOF! They’re gone. Find out more on page 11. 
  • The #1 “wardrobe malfunction” that causes spider veins… the WORST way to sit that practically forces new varicose veins to form… a daytime snack to gently wipe away those squiggly purple linesand plenty more!

Like I said, I wanted to give you every resource you need to get the shapely, perky backside, flawless legs, tiny waist, and bubbling, sexy confidence that men can’t resist and other women envy…

And my mission is to give EVERY woman the opportunity to wake up and feel in love with their body every single day…

Which is why I’m practically giving away this life-changing program for pennies on the dollar. In the beginning I would have sold this entire Booty Transformation System to my clients for $247 on top of what I was already charging for “in person” training…

I’ve had women offer me upwards of $1200/month just to learn these secrets I’m sharing with you… And eventually I plan on raising the price of my Booty Type Training System to the original value…

However, because I’m releasing this to the public for the first time, I’m seeking out 100 personal testimonials and transformation pictures for my BIG launch of the program later this year.

You’ve proven you’re serious about sculpting a tight and toned booty and erasing those bumpy cellulite spots so I trust you’ll set aside 10 minutes of your day, just a few times a week and follow this life-changing plan to the “T”. For that reason, I’m going to practically give away this program for a pre sale release discount of over 80% off at a one-time investment of just $17.

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Access Your Booty Type Training Program

$97   $17

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **


Here’s the bottom line…

I’m so confident you’ll see amazing results from my Booty Type Training Program that I want to take ALL the risk off of you, and put it on me. What I mean is…

If you don’t tighten, tone and perk up your booty weeks from now. Get the shapely hourglass body you deserve. And feel sexy and confident in your own skin, I’ll give you every penny back, no questions asked, guaranteed.

You see, traditional workouts are only making your legs bigger while your booty, waist, hips, and thighs remain the same. And cardio and intense diets are only stealing your curves and making your shape more flat and square than curvy and sensual. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

If you’re still reading, I’m willing to bet this is something you may be dealing with on a daily basis. You’re probably sick and tired of trying to shape your body with no success. Or maybe you’re seeing a little bit of results but not as much as you’d like for how hard you’re trying. Or hey, maybe you’re happy with your figure and you just want a little extra shape…

Regardless, I want to make this a zero-risk, no brainer for you. Which is why I’m giving you my “Love Your Body” 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I understand you’re a busy woman, so I want to give you a full 60 days to get started. It’s easy to do and only takes 10-minutes, 3 days per week as long as you follow the simple program inside.

If you do, you’ll experience results and notice improvements in your butt right away. Give it a couple of weeks and you’ll watch your entire figure becoming lean and slim, and you’ll begin to love your body again.

But if for some reason you do not notice these things, just reach out and I’ll be more than happy to provide you a full refund.

I’m putting my butt on the line because I’ve experienced the amazing difference this program has made on my body, intimate life, and confidence… What risk do you have?

You Have 3 Options Of Where To Go From Here

Option 1: Is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and maybe that’s nothing. Or maybe that means you’ll keep following the same-old butt and leg workouts you’ve tried in the past. Hoping you’ll tone up, maybe lose weight (if that’s your goal) and get “in shape.”

Even though deep down you know the exercises you’re doing may be working against your natural Booty Type…

Causing your legs and waist to become thick and bulky while your butt remains the same…

Plus, you’ll see new bumps of dimply cellulite appear across your backside…

Yet you continue on the same path because you’re set in your “one way” of doing things…

I’m here to tell you the effects of traditional butt workouts and cardio are only sending you in a downward spiral of frustration. Sadly, I’m not making any of this up. I wish I were, but it’s true.

Most women try to diet like crazy, run for miles on the treadmill or spend hours exercising in hopes of speeding up their results…

However, it’s like quicksand. The harder you try, the faster you sink to the bottom. Until your will is broken and you have nothing left to give.

There’s a reason 78% of women over 20 have cellulite. And according to a recent publication, 91% of women are unhappy with their hips, butt and thighs despite exercising

It’s because they’re doing the wrong exercises for their booty. Which, if you just want to be healthy, that’s fine… yet if you want a round and firm backside you’re going to want to change things up. If not, you’ll feel trapped with a butt you hate. 

Option 2: You can take everything you’ve learned from this letter and try getting results on your own. And I hope you do. I sincerely mean that. I want to get this information out into the world so every woman can feel confident and sexy in their own skin…

It’s a great feeling. Especially when you break-it-off with those former, pointless exercises like you would an evil ex-boyfriend…

However, let me be honest with you…

The sad truth is 9 out of 10 women who read this page will attempt to “figure it out” on their own. Only about 10% will get it right. They are the lucky ladies who will catch lightning in a bottle.

While the other 90% will quit from a lack of results and continue feeling stuck with a butt they hate…

Do you want to risk your chances and be in the 90% group or the 10% group? I’m sure Las Vegas casinos would take that bet any day.

The last choice you can make…

Option 3: For less than a couple tubes of lipstick, or a pair of discounted yoga pants on the sales rack, you can have access to a simple, revolutionary program designed to maximize your booty-toning results while your thighs, hips and figure become tighter and gain more sex-appeal WITHOUT extreme dieting or performing traditional tush-sabotaging butt workouts…

Plus, you’ll notice a nice boost in self-confidence… 

Your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you

And you’ll be the center of attention in any room

Now, I have to be honest, this isn’t “booty implants in a box,” or some magic potion. However, you can achieve these kinds of results naturally and start noticing a difference in just a few

10-minute workouts a week.

Just imagine yourself a few weeks from now when you look in the mirror and notice the muscles in your butt becoming more tight and toned

While the once stubborn fat on your backside begins to shrink and your cellulite dimples disappear

And because these workouts are proven to fire-up your metabolism you’ll notice other “perks”…

Like your waistline naturally cinching down by the inches. Your legs looking lean, fit and trim. And you’ll finally have the confidence to wear your favorite pair of shorts on a Summer day…

Or wear that bikini you thought you’d never try on again at the pool or beach WITHOUT an ounce of insecurity. In fact, you’ll be getting so many compliments your face will be glowing (and probably blushing) the whole day…  

This feeling of confidence is something you cannot put a price on.

To feel like a sexy woman again. Full of energy, outgoing, and fit… to know you have a beautiful backside and body you can be proud of. And to rekindle the romance between you and your partner… because now, you’re no longer scared of what you look like with the lights on…

And it all begins today. Don’t settle for any less any longer.

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Access Your Booty Type Training Program

$97   $17

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **



P.S. If you want to achieve a toned and firm booty, while speeding up your metabolism, shrinking your waistline, and defeating ugly cellulite… and do it all with a few 10-minute workouts per week, then here’s your chance. You’re here for a reason. You want to feel sexy in your own skin and love the way your backside looks for every occasion. Or maybe you just want to look good in the mirror and finally feel confident. It’s time for this to be your new reality. You can click here or tap now to get started.

P.P.S. And don’t forget… you’re backed up by my “Love Your Body” 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just click the button to get started.

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers.

What is Booty Type Training and how does it work?

Answer: Booty Type Training is a unique form of booty movements proven to enhance the shape and firmness of your backside regardless of your age or current shape.

This Booty Solution is specifically designed for women and will give you the exact workouts YOU need for your specific genetics. Which is the key to toning your backside without building puffy legs or increasing the appearance of cellulite. These 3, 10-minute workouts per week is all you need to enjoy noticeable results.

Is Booty Type Training A Physical Product? Is Anything Shipped?

Answer: Booty Type Training is not a physical product and nothing is shipped to you. The entire course is digital and accessed online. This means you’ll have instant access after you purchase and won’t have to wait for anything to be shipped. We currently don’t offer Booty Type Training as a physical program and won’t in the future because we would have to increase the price and we want to give this affordable to all women. All images above that show DVDs are just for visualization purposes only.

I’m a woman over 30 and I have cellulite. Can this program help me get rid of it?

Answer: Yes. There are plenty of leg and butt exercises you can do from home to reduce, or wipe away cellulite. However, doing the wrong exercises for your Booty Type will only make your cellulite appear worse… Which is why I recommend only following the exercises that work with your natural butt-shape. I’ll show you the exact movements for your butt-type in the quick start manual.

I’ve also included the Cellulite Freedom Guide. A bonus resource which gives you 21 daily cellulite shrinking short-cuts, including 5 Doctor-Published, cellulite smoothing at-home remedies.

Is it true that performing squats and doing lots of cardio isn’t helping shape or tighten my butt?

Answer: Yes. A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found the majority of women are “quad dominant”. Meaning… when you do squats, or other exercises that bend at the knee… the front of your legs do most of the work. So your thighs build all the muscle! Causing your legs to grow big… while your backside remains the same.

And according to several studies, including one published in the Journal of Applied Physiology… doing too much cardio can cause muscle loss. Including the muscles in your booty. Meaning, the strong and firm muscle that keeps your butt looking round and toned begins to shrink. 

Booty Type Training provides a “way out” for women. A solution that doesn’t require hundreds of squats, working out at the gym, or logging dozens of miles on the treadmill per week. Instead, you can sculpt and tone your  backside following movements custom for your specific “Booty Type.” Giving you fast and noticeable results in weeks, even days.

What if I don’t know what my “booty type” is?

Answer: That’s okay. I have a “What’s My Booty Type?” Quiz & video inside the program so you can discover your unique butt-type and begin seeing results quickly. And if you’re still unsure after taking the quiz, that’s okay. We knew some women would have this issue so we chose very specific exercises that still work those booty muscles no matter what type you pick. However, the closer you are to your booty type can help with progress. But don’t stress, just watch the video, choose the one that you think fits you the best and follow the program. You’re always protected by our 60-day no hassle money back guarantee if it’s just not a good fit.

Do I get access to just “one” Booty Type?

Answer: No, we make sure to give you access to all the booty types. This way, if you ever want to change or try another booty type you can. Plus, over time, booty types can change so you may want to try a new one. No matter what, you’ll have access to everything you need.

Who is booty type training NOT for?

Answer: I’d like to say this program is for everyone but it’s not. If you’re someone who loves spending hours of your week working out, this is not for you. Booty Type Training is for women who want to spend as little time exercising as possible, but still want amazing results. Which can all be done at home. No equipment needed. You see, running hours a week on the treadmill or performing marathon workouts will only push you further away from your desired goal. For that reason I don’t want you to purchase the program until you’re ready to cut back on your workouts at the gym or on the treadmill.

How long before I notice results?

Answer: It depends how much effort you put into the program. The women who get the best results are the one’s who follow the program to the letter. Many notice improvements in their butt and legs in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. However, the typical user of virtually all education products treat them in much the same way they treat a book. The vast majority of people just read or skim through it once, then never implement the program or take the recommended action. The best way to get results is to follow everything outlined in the program. Therefore, it should be understood that since most people never take action reports of specific improvements, booty gains, or any positive results of any kind should be considered the exception rather than the rule.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Answer: If you don’t notice a difference, just send customer service an email and they will be more than happy to provide you a full 100% money back refund. No questions or hassles. 

Who do you recommend Booty Type Training to?

Answer: I strongly recommend this program for ladies 25 – 55 years old looking to lift and firm their booty and reduce stubborn cellulite dimples without spending hours running each week or lifting weights at the gym. According to a recent survey 85% of women over 20 struggle with cellulite and 91% of women don’t like the appearance of their butt, hips and thighs. Booty Type Training ends this frustration women face every year by giving you effective and results-proven workouts. 

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Access Your Booty Type Training Program 

$97   $17

How long does it take for me to get the program?

Answer: About 10 seconds to a few minutes. After your purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire Booty Type Training program and free bonuses. You can download it to your computer and start sculpting your backside right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process for your program. The entire program is digital. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which are bonus points for you!

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

Answer: Absolutely. When you click the “Add To Cart” button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise. Clickbank is a Top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted with over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries. They can also process refunds if needed.

Who is Clickbank?

Answer: Clickbank is a global platform where digital product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

Can I use PayPal to checkout?

Answer: Yes. You can securely purchase your Booty Type Training program using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

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